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For your convenience, our office offers an on-site Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)-approved and regulated laboratory. Our lab is audited annually and we maintain all current protocols and run daily quality controls.

We can perform hemoglobins, complete blood counts, and mono tests. We also perform urinalyses and urine pregnancy tests, rapid strep and rapid flu tests—the results of which are known before the office visit is over. When needed, we also incubate overnight throat and urine cultures in-house. Those culture results are known the next morning and we call the patient if s/he has a positive result.

For testing beyond the scope of our office, we use nearby reference labs such as Lab Corp. Our nurses handle the completion of the lab requisition.

We maintain an office tracking system so that all lab results are reviewed by the ordering physician and you are notified of the results.

If you have any questions about laboratory test results, you can call our office during normal office hours.